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More than Just A Promotional Merchandise Company

At Whitelight Promotional Merchandise, we believe in the power of ideas. Our company is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire, but we work with clients near and far in order to help them promote their brand through the effective use of promotional merchandise. Every great client alliance starts with a strategy so whether it is a simple campaign with giveaways or a calendar of targeted events, we can offer the fully-serviced creative solutions that not only capture your audience's attention but will also  ensure long-term success.

Tel: 07879 810108

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With over 40 years' combined experience gained working with distributors, end users and suppliers in the promotional merchandise industry, our team possesses a unique set of skills. 

We know how to work with you to make sure you get the right products from the right suppliers at the right price, delivered on time, every time!

Whether you need a creative solution for a consumer promotion, a range of products for a corporate programme or great product for a one-off giveaway, we can help!


Whitelight Promotional Merchandise

47 High Street

St. Martins




07879 810108


We're all about product. Whether we're sourcing product or branding, that's what we're passionate about!


We have a proven project management plan which enables us to get your project from concept to delivery with the least hassle for you.


Whether you're full of ideas or looking for guidance we can provide full design support.


The final link in the chain and the point at which many come unstuck, we are confident we can get your products from A to B, regardless of what the product is and where A and B might be.


Need an expert pair of eyes on a product or a campaign, we can help. With competitive day rates we can give you early stage advice to make sure your marketing strategy flies.


What Do We Do?

 We know product. We understand product. We are specialists in providing product. We source product. We brand product. We move product from A to B. We understand compliance. We understand product safety. From polo shirts to dinosaurs (toys, not real ones!).

It looks, from the outside, like we’re a promotional merchandise company just like all the rest. But dig deeper. We’re not like all the rest. We don’t work with just any company. We need to know we can add value to your organization. We need to know you WANT to work with us. We don’t sell. We consult.

07879 810108

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